As a passionate Game Master and coach, I offer a range of services designed to help you get the most out of your tabletop role-playing games.

Game Systems

I offer a wide range of game systems, including popular favorites like Dungeons and Dragons and Masks. Check out the systems below.


Hey there, folks!  It’s your friendly neighborhood DM Todd.  I’m a game master, a fantasy nerd, and an avid lover of shenanigans.  I’ve been tabletop role-playing for 20+ years, starting with good ol’ 2nd Edition D&D.  I’ve dabbled in voice acting, studied a good bit of psychology, and my interests all seem to wrap themselves up into a TTRPG-Game-Master-gumball-of-goodness somehow.

It’s one of my greatest joys to tell a collaborative story with my players.  I want to explore YOUR story!  We’ll work together to tie your backstory into the narrative, making it a personalized experience where everyone can shine!  Whether you want to play an old and powerful wizard like Gandalf, or web-sling your way through the city streets like Spider-Man, or protect your little, green son from the dangers of the universe like the Mandalorian, there’s a place for you at my digital table!  Just don’t get upset with me when my bad guys try to steal your Baby Yoda.

So if you want to help me channel the spirit of Matthew Mercer to our table (may his glorious hair guide us), click the Contact button, send me a message or check my calendar for games, and let’s make some memories that would make even Scanlan Shorthalt blush!  Or perhaps a little more tame than that…


What do I bring to the Table?

Players come to the digital table with many different expectations.  Here are some details about the tools and techniques I implement while running a game.

20+ Years Experience
Started playing 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons at the age of 13. Years of watching Critical Role has enhanced my thirst for story-driven games and campaigns.
Virtual Tabletop Resources
Whether on Roll20, Foundry, or Discord, I'll provide immersive maps, tokens, and TONS of source books!
Character-specific Story Threads
I work with each player to weave their character backstory into the main narrative. This means that twelve-page backstory you wrote will ALWAYS feel relevant and allows for deeper player investment.
Unique and Catered Magic Items
These items are made with your character's class and personality in mind, while also taking into consideration what you as the player find exciting about the game.
Voices for Non-Player Characters
Character voices from the tiniest of faeries to the burliest of orcs to the suavest of vampires.
Music and Sound Effects
Carefully selected songs and sound effects (some coming from my own lips) create another layer of immersion. And I'm always looking for suggestions for new music.
Open and safe environment for all
My top priority is making sure everyone feels comfortable and included. I want every player to be able to bring their authentic selves to the table and enjoy the game to the fullest. Creating a safe and welcoming environment is key to achieving that goal!

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If shows like Critical Role and Dimension20 have peaked your interest, come get a taste of that excitement for yourself! 

Send me a message using the Contact link below if you have questions, or check my calendar on the Services page to book a game or coaching session.  You’ll be slaying dragons and weaving words into Shakespearean tapestries in no time!