Battle Maps made with Dungeondraft

Do you like to wow your players with detailed battle maps?  So do I!  With the help of Dungeondraft and Crosshead Studios assets, I have re-created battle maps from the campaign books many of us know and love.  These maps are specifically designed and detailed based on the description given within the corresponding book.  And many of them come with interchangeable assets so it will look like your players are actually interacting with the environment!

  • NOTE: If you are a PLAYER, many of these maps contain SPOILERS!

Vidorant's Vault

Detailed battle maps for Mission #6 in Keys from the Golden Vault!

  • 1st Floor (35×28)
  • 2nd Floor
  • Roof
  • Multiple map variants and assets to place for interactive gameplay
  • Specific details based on the book descriptions of each room
  • For Virtual Tabletop and Physical Tabletop play (printable files)
  • More details in the link below…

Have Questions about these Maps?

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